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When talking about fixing your teeth, there are four classes of treatment to consider:  

1.  Emergency Treatment - Getting you out of pain.  This is something that needs to be prioritized and we will do our best to get you out of pain quickly.

2.  Functional Treatment - This class of treatment centers around filling cavities and fixing broken teeth in order to get you functioning (chewing) to the best of your ability and prevent things from getting worse if you do nothing.

3.  Ideal  (Replacement) Treatment - Most people are missing at least one tooth, and replacing missing teeth allows you to chew more efficiently with an even distribution of pressure on both sides of your mouth.

4.  Esthetic Treatment - The goal of this treatment is to make your teeth (usually the front ones) look better when you smile.


Our dentists will discuss all aspects of treatment with you and provide you with clear options to get you out of pain, repair damaged teeth, and replace missing teeth while also optimizing esthetics at the same time.


In addition, Nordstrom Dental will not pressure you to save teeth if you prefer to extract them, and partial or full dentures are sometimes the best option.

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